Getting the people in your organisation up to speed, with knowledge of Requirements Engineering, is essential for the success of the introduction or improvement of your Requirements Engineering processes. We can provide a number of standard or custom trainings and workshops.

Introduction Requirements Engineering

What is Requirements Engineering? Why must an organisation invest in the area of product development? What is a Requirements Engineer and what does this person do on a daily basis?

The answers to these - and many more - questions are answered in this introduction training.

After this training, the trainee has a clear impression of the need and importance of Requirement Engineering, what it is and what can be expected from the Requirements Engineer.

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Writing Requirements with STRUCTURE

Requirements are still mostly written in natural language. There are othe notations, using diagramming with very specific symbols, but these often need special skills and knowledge of both the author and of the stakeholders to have the common understanding that is so essential. Many stakeholder types (product users, business professionals, etc) do not heve these skills. Hence the continued popularity of natural language.

The disadvantage of using natural language is the proneness to ambiguity and misunderstanding. Different words and phrases create different understanding with different readers. When writing requirements, the author needs to be very aware of these issues as the sommon understanding is essential for success.

In this training, we cover 9 requirements criteria that rate the quality of (sets of) requirements. These criteria - the STRUCTURE criteria - will be covered in detail, including examples and the pitfalls that come with these criteria. In excercises, the trainee will learn to recognize and circumvent quality issues.

After this training, the trainee has a good set of techniques to judge the quality of (sets of) requirements and methods to improve that quality and hence reduce the misunderstandings to a minimum.

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Custom training

Saforama has created trainings for clients for - for example - use of Requirements Engineering tooling. We can't reuse these trainings since they were commissioned by these clients and the rights are theirs.

However, if you have special wishes for a Requirements Engineering training? Get in touch to see whether we can be of service!

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