Are you looking for advice on setting up your product development processes? Or perhaps you're looking for the next steps to take in optimising these processes to increase product quality and process efficiency? Let us guide you with our expertise and experience.

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Technology is an enabler for high quality processes, either through managing all the data involved, or by automating tasks involven in a relaible manner. Let us help you choose and implement the right tools for you and your organisation. We're independent, not tied to any technology or application, but we do have the experience that is required.

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Processes involve people. To make the processes effective and efficient, the epople must be effective. Saforama offers a number of courses on Requirements Engineering, for these people. Not a good fit? We can customise trainings to fit your needs, to focus on your process. That's what makes us special.

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Our approach

There's a philosofy behind the way we work that makes results long-lasting. Read more about that here