Opening DOORS* to new possibilities

* And other Requirements tools besides

the name in Requirements Engineering
Our TOP approach means that process improvement is long-lived and deep-rooted.

It focusses of the 3 areas:
Technology, Organisation and Process.

Requirements Engineering

Create a clear visionof the needs and wishes of your product. Make sure stakeholder are heard and understood and that they experience it as such. Requirements Engineering in the key process that focuses on on the needs and stakeholers

With advice and training we can help you further.

Requirements Engineering

Process supporting technology

Your process efficiency can be improved with the proper supporting technology. For Systems Engineering and Requirements Enginering many applications are available

It is important that

  • ... the right application is chosen that fits with your process and organisation;
  • ... the application is configured to optimally support your process;
  • ... the application is properly integrated with th rest of your tooling environment.
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Systems Engineering disciplines

Integrate your Requirements Engineering processes with other product development processes. Take control of product quality. We're talking amongst others about test management, release management, version management and change management.

Requirements related

Latest news

At this moment, Saforama is working with a number of customers to further professionalise Requirements Management processes, aligning RM applications to fit those processes and training all the process and tooling stakeholders.

At this moment it looks as though Saforama will be open for new challenges in August or September. Check out our services pages to see if we can help you in advancing the Requirements Engineering in your organisation.